12 Glitter Injections Pressed Glitters - Paris Set

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Net WT:  12*1.2g

Size 14.8 * 11.3 * 1

Single plate size 2.65cm 

Packing Including:12 x Eyeshadow Diamond Palette 


These shadows are extremely soft and pigmented. 12 color beautiful glitter colors that will go with any skin tone and brighten up any look. You are sure to bring the light into any room with this stunning palette!

Product  Efficacy: 

*Tonal and inspiration from the catwalk,gorgeous high saturated color eye makeup change color

*Exquisite opaque,paste, smooth easy away,with exquisite pearl particles,easily highlight stereo eye level,at the beginning of lasting shine like makeup


How to use:

1.Dipped into the amount of eye shadow powder evenly between the entire eye sock.

2.Aggravated color along the lash roots,creating a three-dimensional shadow gradient.